Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Yaltzee, Shift!" - Chapter 1

I recently finished “Shifting” Book 3 as part of the Twin Cities Series.

The Twin Cities Series is set in The Realms, a magical place where beings humans consider mythical, paranormal, or fanciful actually exist side-by-side.
I left a minor character stuck in an unfortunate situation and I feel bad about it.
So I am going to rectify it here in the blog for those that are interested in his story.
You need not have read the Shifting books to enjoy the tale.
Here is the rest of Yaltzee’s story.

“Yaltzee, Shift!”

The two trolls carrying the palanquin chair came to a stop in front of the circus manager’s wagon. Xellist the goblin studied his surroundings through the windows of his mini throne room. The interior of the chair was as ornately decked out as its occupant. The seats were covered in red velvet, the drapes hanging over the windows were a lovely gold brocade, the walls were tuck and rolled in white satin with gold buttons, and the carpet beneath his golden slippers was a thick crimson.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fur and Frost - A Dragon Love Story - Chapter 14 (The End)

It happened surprisingly fast. It only took two days for Patel and Tallideer to locate and call in all their hunters from the field. Another day to speak with the parties involved and another to gather all of the members of the two dragon clans in the Furries lair, which was the larger of the two clan’s homes.

Tallideer and Patel stood side-by-side on a tall platform which had been hastily constructed so that all might see them and know the truth of their words.

On the whole, the Furries had taken to their sleeping ledges up on the walls and the floor was predominately reserved for the Frosties. Tallideer had furs brought in and the Frosties took up residence on piles of them scattered across the icy floor. They clustered in families. Even though they had been told this was to be a joyous occasion, there was a certain feel of mistrust with the Furries hanging over their heads and the tension of the past week. It was an unusually quiet gathering with only whispered conversation between mates or from parent to hatchling, for everyone had been ordered to attend, young to old, Fur to Frost.

“We have called you all here today to make an announcement,” Tallideer began. “You have all been made aware of the tragic event that took the lives of Morllo of the Frost clan and Trenic of our Fur clan.”

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fur and Frost - A Dragon Love Story - Chapter 13

Tallideer held Patel close, his wing draped over her side as she churred softly in his embrace. It had been so long. Why had he thought she did not care? Why had he deserted her when he knew she was driving him away because she no longer felt worthy of him? He was so young, so foolish, so arrogant. He had deprived himself of her love all these long years, for what? His ego?

She licked his paw by her head and he leaned down and affectionately licked her ear in return. This was the way it should have been always. They were meant to be together. He knew it then and he knew it now. He had let it slip away those long years ago. He would not let her go now, no matter what she said. They were both older and much wiser. Their talk had swept away all the errors of their past - all their mistaken tries to do what was right for the other despite what they really felt, which was undying love for one another. He would make it right this time. The Fur and the Frost would learn about one another. They would no longer be isolated. They would know and hunt and love one another.

Patel turned her head and gently nuzzled Tallideer’s neck. She buried her nose in his fur and breathed in the scent of him. His grand plans flew out of his mind like dragons on wing as he thrilled to the warmth of her breath on his neck. Clan business could wait until later, right now he had Patel at his side and all was right for the first time in many, many years.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fur and Frost - A Dragon Love Story - Chapter 12

Patel, Uland and Austere took up highly visible positions atop the peaks across the snow covered valley from the Furry Clan’s lair. Patel did not want to arrive unannounced or have their arrival be a surprise in any way. As they approached she let out several ‘arrival’ roars. These were calls used during the war to inform your fellow dragons that you were one of them and not the enemy.

They did not have long to wait before Tallideer emerged onto the landing platform in front of the lair. He stood for a moment and then raised a wing in greeting. Patel led the other two dragons in.

There was plenty of room for all three of the Frosties to land. The Furries were much larger dragons when grown so the platform entry to their lair was huge in comparison to the Frosties entry. Patel noticed right away how ruling the clan had aged Tallideer. The black coat she remembered with such fondness had grey sprinkled throughout it. His muzzle and around his eyes were almost white, but his copper colored eyes still shown bright with intelligence as he stepped forward and lowered his head to her. She raised hers to him and they greeted each other with a gentle head bump. When she couldn’t help herself and stepped in to him further, the bump became a mutual neck caress before she backed away self-consciously remembering her place.

“We are brought together again during difficult times,” Tallideer said in his deep baritone. His eyes reflected the sadness of missed opportunities and the regret of the situation at hand.

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