Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fur and Frost - A Dragon Love Story Chapter 2

It was the cold from the water where his wings drooped into the river that woke him up. It was late afternoon and he had fallen asleep on the rock warmed by the winter sun. Tracking and chasing the stag all morning had worn him out. He shook his wings without thinking and in the process a dozen fish started to scoot away from his perch. One was exceedingly close to his face as he hung over the edge. Thinking fast he plunged his muzzle in the icy depths intent on catching at least one of the huge fish to take home.

He grasped it in his mouth and pushed up off the rock with his front paws. His mind had time to register that the fish was as long as he was tall with its tail still dangling in the river, flipping water in huge splashed from side to side. He reached out with his front paws to grasp it, when all of a sudden something grabbed hold of it at the tail and pulled hard. Zodic was already a bit off balance with his head stuck out over the water and reaching forward with his front paws while sitting not too steadily on his haunches. The yank from the other end of the fish was hard and his teeth were firmly planted in the head. He toppled forward into the river.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fur and Frost - A Dragon Love Story - Chapter 1

Tonight we start a new fantasy story on the blog.
Follow our story of star-crossed lovers of the Dragonic type.

Zodic knew he was not supposed to be on the ice covered lake. His father, the leader of the Furry Dragon Clan always started out his winter lecture to the young of the clan with his warning about the lake. It was always a temptation for the pups and younglings to play on the ice, but it could be deadly. Furry dragons could swim, but a soaked furry in cold water could easily drown. Their fur kept them insulated against the cold and wind of the high northern regions, but it was heavy when wet - heavy enough to pull a dragon down.

But, Zodic kept telling himself he wasn’t on the lake. He was in the river leading to the lake intent on catching fish. He missed the big stag he was after earlier and he couldn’t fly home without at least some fish to show for his day’s outing.

He dug at the crust of ice formed over the river’s edge and flipped it up piece by piece on to the shore until he had an opening large enough he could see the fish below. The river was fast here and about as deep as he was tall. He figured if he did slip and fall in, he could make his way out. Ten feet wasn’t that deep and it was another hundred before the river spilled into the lake. Here was where the fish usually congregated in the pools just above the falls.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 23 - Final

The whole thing turned out to be a bit anticlimactic. Once the Hummer Arr was talking to understood that the Calpernia, which is what it related to, could fix the problem, the Hummer started bouncing the code out to the Hummers it was connected to, they bounced it to the next group until all the other Hummers in all the NBs throughout the Verse had a copy and the fix for the virus.

All this time the Valarians thought each Hummer team in each NB was an isolated entity, but all along they were connected and had been talking to each other all this time. It was truly amazing.

Our part was finished. The NBs were back online. All the backed up traffic was being routed properly and within a week or so even the outlying areas were back to operation as usual.

The only thing left to deal with was Zackary Taylor.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 22

“The Calpernia’s weapons array just came online,” Ma-rye-a advised me in my ear bud.

“Get out of here!” I shouted.

Jake looked at me as though I lost my mind. I motioned to my ear. He knew I kept in contact with my ship. “Calpernia’s weapons just came up,” I informed him.

Jake stepped to the console and started trying to shut the system back down.

“Come on girl, talk to me,” he coaxed the Calpernia. “Daniel!” he shouted.

“Working…” Daniel answered and continued to push images of data round on the flat in his lap.

“Arr!” Jake hissed.

Arr didn’t even bother to answer. He was humming so loud I thought I could feel the bulk heads vibrate.

“I do not wish to countermand your orders, Captain, but you might need us close at hand for a hasty EVAC,” Ma-rye-a pointed out in her logical, calm voice.

“You can’t EVAC if you are blown up,” I countered. “Get out of here and hide until I call you back. That’s an order!”

“Affirmative,” Ma-rye-a answered.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Art for the Star Traveler Series

I have been having a lot of fun working with an artist on bringing our Star Traveler Team to life.
I am pleased to reveal Jake Harcourt and Arr of the Henu by Vicki Cacciottoli.
Kay-o is coming soon, but I just couldn't wait to show you these great drawings.

I would also like to announce that the Star Traveler volumes are all going to get wonderful new space scape covers over the next few months. Volume 1 and 2 will be posted the day after Thanksgiving, November 28th, in both ebook and paperback on Amazon. Cover Art/Design by Sherry D. Ramsey of Deviant Art.

Now drop down and read the latest chapter of It's All About the Game!

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 21

I handed Arr a cup of his home planet’s herbal stuff called Bitter Sweet. I couldn’t stomach the it, but having grown up with it, he loved it. Arr had been at it for over five hours now - sitting here just a few hundred yards from the NB humming his little heart out with no apparent results.

I had Ma-rye-a holding steady within a pod jump of the Calpernia. Arr explained that the Hummer related to the Calpernia as being the one that talked to them, not Arr, so I ferried Daniel over so he could coordinate with Arr. Arr was trying to convince the Hummers the Calpernia was willing to assist them with the repair of their damaged beacons.

“Thanks,” Arr said, as he took a break and a sip of his Bitter Sweet. He stood to stretch and rolled his shoulders. He had been hard at it. It wasn’t do to not trying that we were still sitting here.

“Any luck?” I asked, as Jake came up behind me with a plate of sandwiches.

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