Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 20

I apologize for being so late this week in posting. 
I have been editing a novella for a friend and got tied up until almost 3:30 am this morning. After about five hours sleep, I was at it again and just finished about two hours ago.

 Please except my apology and I hope you enjoy
the next installment of
"It's All About the Game!"

“Sam are you set?” I asked.

I had Ma-rye-a turn around and place us just outside of the window and off to the left, out of the way. I had Sam train our weapons on the mouth of the window. His reaction, and recognition time was far superior to mine. If the Tiltode came though that gate either alone or chasing the Calpernia, I wanted to be prepared.

“Ready and waiting, Captain,” Sam replied.

He had no sooner spoken than the Calpernia came sailing through unhindered. Jake pulled his ship up beside Ma-rye-a as soon as he caught sight of her and Ma-rye-a threw his and Arr’s imagine up on the viewport.

“You okay?” he asked with a concerned look.

“We’re fine. How about you?” I replied.

“A little damage to the hull, but nothing a good Refitting Station can’t bang out.”

I saw Arr behind him putting out a small electrical fire on the bridge with Kay-o their protect Dar-dolf getting in the way. Arr kept pushing the beast down as the thing lunged at the extinguisher as though he thought he had to do battle with it.

“Jake, can you call Kay-o?” Arr yelled.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 19

“We will be exiting the window in ten minutes,” Ma-rye-a announced.

We caught a window and jumped which would put us back in Jake and Arr’s neighborhood. They were just finishing up a mission on Nexus 3 and we planned to rendezvous at the NB just the grid above their location.

“Think your friends will be on time?” Daniel asked.

He had never met Jake and Arr. Daniel stays mostly planet bound, whereas Jake, Arr and I bump into each other pretty regularly between their mercenary missions and my trade-goods deliveries.

“Jake is usually very punctual.”

I leaned forward and flicked the button on the harness mechanism on Daniel’s chair. The harness curled up over his shoulders and across his lap. I sat back and activated mine. Always a good policy to be strapped in when you entered or exited a window. The dangerous thing about traveling through them was that you were basically blind coming and going. No way to determine if there was another ship in one until you entered because something about them dampened the electronics for surveillance until you were inside. And, on exiting there was no way to be sure there wasn’t a ship sitting a wee bit too close to the entrance for you to maneuver fast enough to miss it. I didn’t normally take a window unless I was forced. I felt it necessary under the circumstances.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 18

Claiming to know someone who could talk to the Hummers was taking a wee bit of convincing until Coal managed to pull up some info on his computer about by friend, Arr, Jake Harcourt’s partner. Seemed a doctor named Margaret O’Connor was doing a bit of a study on him and she had recorders that attested to his ability to learn languages faster than a Roughnut snake can swallow a gerbit. You see, Arr’s people all have genetically inherited memories - abilities that are passed from generation to generation in the basic makeup of their brains. Arr can learn languages just by listening to them. Within a few hours he can master any language. Last count he gave me was one hundred and one, and that’s fluent, not just counting to ten and asking where the restroom is located.

A while back Arr and I were stuck in adjoining hospital beds for an extended period of time. We had a lot of time to exchange stories as we healed. That story is in my log books as “Body Bags and Other Dark  Places” if you wish to look it up. Anyway… Arr told me about Jake explaining to him how the NBs worked - that they each held a Hummer inside. Arr was trapped alone on a planet for several years until Jake found him. Arr was shocked to think the Hummers were isolated in the NBs. He wanted to talk to them to make sure they were okay with what he saw as captivity. So Jake parked their ship, the Calpernia, by one and Arr took a few hours to learn their language and reassure himself that they were quite content as they were.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 17

It had been a rough two days. We spent some of it hearing the story of what put Zack in his Servo-chair, some of it listening to Daniel and Zack blaming each other for what had happened with the NBs and a lot of it trying to fix the problem.

The three guys, Daniel, Coal and Zack were currently clustered around his duel monitors mapping a signal to the Valarians which we hoped they would not be able to trace back to us. We didn’t want them running here to arrest Daniel and/or Zack.

All of the guy’s non-stop efforts over the past fifty-six hours had led to dead ends. Each time they thought they had the problem solved something would thwart them. They came to the conclusion the Valarians were somehow blocking their attempts. We took a vote and decided we needed to get them to trust us, to work with us instead of against us.

I was busy at the little kitchenette on the far wall preparing pasta for the crew. From the beginning, not being techie in the least, I was relegated to mess duty. Zack seemed to live on Vita Tabs and some sort of frozen processed junk I was sure a Dar-dolf wouldn’t even eat, and Dar-dolfs will eat most anything. However, finding and procuring enough for all of us to eat was a challenge from the first.

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