Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 16

- Thank you for being patient, my dear readers. A day late, but hopefully worth the wait -

Zack was back working at his console. He was diligently trying to figure a way into the NBs. He seemed to be locked out. No doubt the Valarians had taken monumental steps to take down the system in order to prevent the virus infected NBs from doing any further damage, but the news was not good. Everyone was finding that a verse without the beacons was almost impossible to navigate. Regular shipping lanes were backed up. Ships had run out of fuel while trying to make their way independently through the verse, creating a hazard to the ships still trying to navigate their way. It was like having a planet bound airstrip without a control tower.

But, try as he might, the way Zack got into the NB to begin with was blocked and with every new possible breach he ran into another wall as though something was tracking him from the other side just waiting for him to virtually walk in.

He heard the rollers of his front door start to move behind him. He had time to think that it was not Henry’s day to clean and Emery came yesterday, before he turned to find himself looking down the barrel of a Class III Blaster.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 15

Zack sat silently listening to the med tech as he jabbered on and on about the numerous incidents surrounding the breach in the NB operational system.

“I can’t believe someone would mess with those beacons,” the tech said, as he threaded the new tube through the holder on Zack’s servo-chair. “I mean, what kind of asshole would hack something that important to every living being in the verse?”

Zack had experienced a true epiphany the day Daniel triggered the cascade in the beacons. On that day one of the ships that locked onto an infected NB was a tour ship with a load of teenagers coming home from an interstellar field trip. The ship had no weapons to activate. Instead it just took over the controls from the adult crew and flew the ship into the nearest star. It was a long enough trip to the star for all the kids to call home and say goodbye to their family, not long enough for anyone to launch and save them. All twenty-one died on impact.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 14

Dangling from a sheet hanging out of the second story window of Daniel and Targus’ hospital room, I wondered if I had made the right decision. I was on a rescue mission, but it looked like I was the one needing to be rescue at the moment. I have great lower body strength. I could stomp a Tuldavian swamp lizard to death with my spacer boots, but I have no upper body strength. Luckily, Coal thought to tie an occasional knot in the sheets, so I was just cascading from knot to knot. I was losing my grip and concerned that the next one I hit would make my hold break altogether and I would go crashing to ultimately break something and foil our plan for escape. I couldn’t help but ogle the hard ground below.

Our plan was hatched during the day today when Daniel and Coal, putting their two head together, managed to finally track down the source of the NB virus. The perp was a master at covering his tracks. Daniel was like a dog on a scent. He was certain he knew who it was – there were only a few who had been close enough to hack into his server. He knew it wasn’t me. I have to be shown the way into one of his intricate gift boxes of chocolates. This culprit’s identity was buried very deep. It took three full days of searching to prove it was Matt Milestone A.K.A. Zackary Taylor, Daniel’s gaming buddy.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 13

The hospital staff on Uli Minor had never seen a Walhmite, so Damion was pulled into surgery to repair Targus’ arm. Not that you could have kept him from his captain’s side. Even though he was exhausted from taking care of his two patients all the way to the facility, he should have rested. He didn’t.

Some technician ran the ultrasonic rock breaker (not its real name – which I can’t pronounce) over Daniel under the guiding eyes of another doctor with headgear on that made him look like a giant fly with multifaceted eyes. After a couple of days of rest and having fluids pumped into him Daniel was still weak, but at least not on the critical unit any longer.

The staff was a bit awed by the three Valarians, Warsy and his two escorts, who followed us in. We were the best entertainment they had ever seen, being an all human colony.  

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