Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 12

I don’t have a sick-bay aboard Ma-rye-a, so Damion was in the guest room with a dying patient in each bed with nothing more than my first-aid kit. I don’t usually need intensive medical treatment. My medical supplies are geared toward a headache or the flu.

The way Damion explained it was that by the Valarians injecting Daniel with anhydrates, his body was full of what must have felt like small medieval maces floating around inside him.

Targus, on the other hand, almost had his arm torn off.

Damion needed a ship load of painkillers, a well-equipped surgery for Targus and an ultrasound-stimulator to break up the rocks in Daniel’s system. Headache and nausea patches were not going to do the trick.

Coal and Ma-rye-a had their heads together, or at least virtually together, trying to find the quickest route to the best facility for the equipment we needed to save our two friends. Ma-rye-a had already kicked herself into hyper-drive and was speeding toward a window by a little planet labeled M1743H2 when the Valarians overtook us.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 11

Damion walked Targus and me to the pod bay. Targus was examining a small button shaped device he held between his huge fingers.

“An RAS?” he asked Damion.

“A Remote Assessment Sensor,” Damion explained. “The techs at Headquarters gave me the specs when we were in dock last time. I was supposed to field test it. Luckily the specs were in my PDA I had on me when we left the ship. Ma-rye-a ran it out on her fabricator. This is a golden opportunity. If you find Daniel in any type of medical crisis just plant it on any free area of his skin and it will transmit a medical readout to me. Then I can keep you informed while you negotiate with the Valarians.”

Targus slipped it in his breast pocket. He clinched his jaw teeth together and said, "Mike Test, Coal." All Galactic personnel are implanted with a jaw mike and wear an ear-bud when on a mission. They activate the mike by clinching their teeth together. At least that was one piece of equipment they didn’t lose with their ship.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 10

Daniel slipped in and out of consciousness as he lay strapped to the table. When he was lucid he was unable to determine how long he had been here. Longer than two days…Not as long as a week, he didn’t think. If he had been here as long as a week surely someone would have come to his rescue. Theresa knew he was here on Valaria. She called him to say she was going to intercept MT 2424.

When was that? How long ago? Warsy, A-Factor of the Valaria’s High Council, came to request his help in stopping the virus. The administrator was cooperative at that point. He pinwheeled in on his eight legs accompanied by two other lesser Valarians. Daniel was working on setting up the computerized fireworks display for Theresa’s party on the recreational ring of the planet when he arrived. He asked for Daniel’s assistance. The many pops, whistles, and smacks his two mouths made translated through Daniel’s ear-bud.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's All About the Game!- Chapter 9

Zack sat watching the drama unfold across his monitors. The virus he initiated in the beacons around Valaria had done their job. It was better than any game display could possibly be. The mercenary ship opening fire on the settlement on Gamma 3 was his favorite part. He had it on loop and it was playing over and over and over again. The recording, made by a civilian survivor, of the ship descending upon the colony with laser cannons firing, the destruction of the ancient runes the archaeological colony was built around blown into rubble, and the citizens running, screaming. The visuals made Zack’s blood race. He had lost the line between ‘game’ and ‘reality.’

Saturday, August 2, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 8

Targus stood leaning against the wall on my bridge. None of the chairs were large enough for his huge frame.

“The Valarians are always slow to abide by the Galactic Forces Treaty even though they were one of the founding races,” Targus explained.

“What worries me is why won’t they let us at least speak to him via the comlink?” Coal put into words what we were all wondering.

Ma-rye-a hadn’t been able to reach Daniel via the NET or our comlink. We arrived a little over five earth hours ago and had spent that whole time jumping though the equivalent of black holes to find someone high up enough to let us enter Valaria.

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