Saturday, July 26, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 7

“Mayday…Mayday…This is MT 2424,” Coal said in a hoarse voice. Over six hours of calling out to what appeared to be an empty verse had left him hardly able to speak. Next chance he got he was going to rework the gear for longer range coverage and auto-voice repeat presentation.

Up until a little while ago Targus had kept them in the vicinity of the debris field so if someone latched onto the beacon Coal triggered, there would be something bigger to home onto than three small bodies floating in space. But Targus had passed out a few minutes ago. His tanks were nearly empty. It took more air to keep the big guy going. Coal’s heart beat was slower than his Walhmite captain’s or the human medical officer. Damion was out cold too.

“Mayday…Mayday…This is…”

“MT 2424, this is Ma-rye-a ST 1266 - Come back,” 3su’s voice ran in his ears.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 6

Four months later
Targus activated his jet pack which yanked first Coal, and then Damion trailing along behind him on the tether line.

“MT2424 to anyone listening on this channel. Mayday! Mayday!” Coal said over his helmet’s com. “We are adrift in space. Air running low. Mayday! Mayday!”

Targus pushed a piece of the shattered hull of MT 2424 aside. Their Mobile Tactical Unit was little more than space debris. This was not how he wanted to see his command end.

8.10 hours ago

Targus leaned over Coal’s shoulder to look at the monitor. “If we jump through the Window at Triad #3 and then link into the N.B. there we should be able to make it to Valaria in plenty of time. Lay in a course.”

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 5

Two months later
“How are you feeling,” I asked as I sat in the chair across from Daniel. We were sitting in the covered atrium of the facility. The temperature was perfect, the sound of the water trickling into the pond and the recording of the birds, mixed with the gentle breeze generated by their weather control unit. All in all, it felt like a mild spring day even thought it was minus 243 degrees outside the dome.

“I’m doing well,” Daniel assured me. “You picked out a really nice place.”

Ma-rye-a, Horus, Cassie, and I had talked the night I came home from the dinner with Daniel when I discovered the drugs and the game tweaking. We put our virtual heads together and found an abuse rehab facility on Rigil #3. They had a stellar reputation for helping folks reclaim their lives lost to addiction of any kind. It took me a while to arrange for Daniel’s admittance, and even longer to convince him he needed to go, but he had eventually given in. I can be quite stubborn when the need arises. I just nagged and badgered until he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Friday, July 4, 2014

It's All about the Game! - Chapter 4

Zackary Taylor a.k.a. Matt Milestone sat at his computer diligently working. He used a VACP or Voice Activated Command Program to put the finishing touches on the computer virus he was creating. Like his character, Matt Milestone, he liked the physical. However, his real body was stuck in a servo-chair and had been for the past ten years since the accident that put him there. He couldn’t even scratch his nose let alone do the physical activity Matt ran through in the games.

The accident was a devastating chemical explosion which killed fifty-three and left Zack and hundreds of others maimed. The loss to the corporation was horrific and sent it into bankruptcy and eventually foreclosure. None of the survivors received any kind of settlement. Zack’s medical bills were so astronomical he gave up on the rehab and the possibility of prosthetics long ago. He ate and defecated through tubes. He was basically a brain in a chair and nothing more.

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