Saturday, January 21, 2012

Star Traveler Update - What's Happening

Welcome my friends. 3su is going to be resting for a spell with Daniel while the Star Traveler adventures continue on the attached "Star Traveler Series" sites. (see side-bar of this blog)

Read the story from the beginning starting with "The Helavite War," - where you meet Jake Harcourt the riotous mercenary and Arr his alien henu partner with the ability to learn languages almost instantaneously. Travel with them on their missions, fight with them, meet their friends, experience their growing friendship and the revelation of Arr's other interesting alien talents.

Continue their saga in "The Heirs of Henu," - where Jake and Arr find that settling down to family life - planet bound - is not for them. Experience a wild ride with the pair prompted by Tim's pulling them into a drug deal gone bad. Race with Jake to find a cure for Arr as he struggles to live through being poisoned by a shape shifting alien.

Volume 3 - "Old Friends/New Enemies" jumps ahead 30 years to follow Jake, Arr and Tim's children with a demented zoo keeper who thinks they should all be pets - or at least the henus should. Will they be rescued in time? Or will they spend the rest of their lives as mere exhibits in a animal park?

"The Malefactors" - Volume 4 sheds some light on where Captain Targus of the Mobile Tactical Unit 2424 comes from. Who would have known what his background was and where it would lead our new friend, Arr's son, Terrell? What dark secret does the ruling class of Walh hold over our Captain? Will he live through the revelation of that secret?

Volume 5 "Cataclysm" - finds Taylor, Jake's son, winning a game of CUE that will change his life forever and those around him as well. Slave girls, an off-limits planet and an vicious, evil opponent make this race through space to save Taylor's 'main squeeze' a riot in more ways then one.

Then continue with Volume 6 - now being posted 5 chapters a week - "A Mear Slight of Hand" where Arr's past has come back to haunt him in the form a demented, dangerous, insane, knife craving, former colleague.

Finally, watch for the coming "Star Travelers Companion" and look for the tools you need to keep all the characters in the Star Traveler Series fresh in your mind plus short side stories like the "3su Blog" and mating rituals of Tuldavian Swamp Lizards. You'll find a map of the Star Traveler's area of the verse. Also, see conceptual pictures of all the characters you have grown to love in the series.

3su will return when she has had a bit of R&R, her nails sprayed, an andruvian eight legged tactile massage, her hair restyled, and she has done an over-the-top amount of retail therapy in order to get her head back on straight.

Until then, sit back, print out the pdfs for the Star Traveler Series volumes and have a nice winter read.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Star Traveler Update - Lengthy R&R

“I’m going down to the planet,” I announced.

“I wouldn’t advise that,” Horus replied immediately.

“Nor I,” Sam chimed in, “you risk coming in contact with whatever he is spreading below and bringing it back on the surface of the pod to contaminate the entire ship.”

So, I stayed onboard Ma-rye-a and my crew and I were witness to the largest genocide of this century. Attalla released biological death from his little black box and the iisadsu fell from the sky like rain. He must have told the oacoco to stay below the surface during the release. Ma-Rye-a told us she could still detect their life forms.

We tracked the movements of Attalla’s pod as he rendezvoused with the battle cruiser for a hull clean up.
We saw the cruiser’s crew deliver the body containment and deposal units to the surface and tracked their meticulous clean-up of the iisadsu species.

I collected Attalla’s personal items from his cabin and placed them in a capsule that Sam jettisoned into space.

 I didn’t care if he found them or not. I didn’t care if I was paid for my services or not. I didn’t care if I was black listed in this galaxy. I didn’t intend to ever come back.

I had Ma-rye-a lay in a course to Daniel’s place on Trade Post 1313. I needed some lengthy R&R with a good friend to get past the last two episodes of my life.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Star Traveler Update - In what universe is that right?

“3su,” Ma-rye-a called. “I am picking up a large transport ship on the other side of the planet.”

“I’ll be right there,” I answered as I hurried toward the bridge. I literally skidded to a spot in front of the bridge console.

“I don’t see anything,” I said as I scanned the readouts.

“They are making a point of keeping the planet between us and them. I just caught a glimpse a moment ago,” Ma-rye-a said. “I am sure it was a mistake on their part that I got that much.”

“Did you get any ID on it?”

“It’s a Class 8 Battle Cruiser,” Ma-rye-a said. “She won’t talk to me, but I got a scan off and she’s fully loaded.”

“And from Attalla’s planet,” I guessed.

“Correct,” Ma-rye-a confirmed.

“I am liking this less and less,” Sam piped in.

“Me too,” I agreed.

“Ma-rye-a, can you scan the planet and locate Attalla Six?” I asked.

“I have been tracking him since he left the bay. He did not go to any of the iisadsu communities. He seems to be flying in a mid-atmosphere, circular pattern around the equator of the planet.”

“What is he up to?” I asked.

“He’s disbursing the chemical,” Sam said confidently. “That ship hiding on the other side of the planet is a cleanup crew.”

Sam is programmed to think that way, but I couldn’t believe that. Would a race as advanced as Attalla’s kill off a whole other species? In what universe is that right?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Star Traveler Update - I demand to know!

“As captain of this ship, I insist you show me the contents of that box.” I emphasized my demand by pointing to the locked box in Attalla’s cabin.

“I am afraid I am unable to comply with your request,” Attalla answered formally as he picked up the box and headed past me to the pod bay.

We had arrived less than an hour ago at our destination and he was on the move.

 “I will return in approximately one of the planet’s revolutions,” he said over his shoulder to me. “Until then remain onboard your ship,” he ordered in a commanding voice unlike any I had ever heard from Attalla Five.

“Attalla,” I called to his receding back, “I am going to lodge a formal complaint with the Galactic Forces if you do not tell me what your plan is and what you are doing.” I knew it was an idle threat. This galaxy had been at peace for hundreds of years. They did not even belong to the Galactic Forces treaty group – hence the existence of the Attallas.

He put down the box onboard and pushed me back off the platform of his pod.

“Stay here,” he ordered. “Ma-rye-a, Are you recording?” he asked.

“Affirmative,” she replied.

He looked me directly in the eyes.

“I will not be responsible for your safety should you follow me down to the planet’s surface. I am officially ordering you to stay onboard your ship until I return.”

With that, he turned and entered the pod – the hatch firmly clanging shut behind him. I heard the lock engage and had just barely enough time to duck behind the booster shield before he hit his thrusters and was gone – on his way to the planet’s surface.

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