Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Where are you?

“Where are you?” I asked out loud in frustration.

“I cannot raise him on his com link,” Ma-rye-a stated once again.

“Open a hail to the pod,” I ordered. “Transport Ma-rye-a to Ambassador Attalla,” I called.

The request was met with silence.

“Scan the beach,” I ordered.

“He is no longer on the beach,” Ma-rye-a answered.

“Can you locate him?” 

Attalla was way overdue reporting in as he had said he would when he refused to take me down with him to listen to the oacoco’s demands for the treaty resolution. He said he would check in every four hours. It had been over six hours without a word. It wasn’t like him to not keep his word. He knew I would be worried. Even though he went to see the oacoco it was the iisadsu we were both worried about dealing with after the attack.

“I cannot get a fix on him, captain.” Ma-rye-a sounded as frustrated as I felt.

What could we do? He had my pod down on the planet.

Damn it, I would land Ma-rye-a on the planet’s surface if need be and shoot iisadsu like so may turkeys on Thanksgiving day if I had to in order to find him.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Drowning

Tt'i saw Attalla get hit. He caught him as he slipped below the surface of the sea. He sealed his lips over Attalla's and breathed oxygen into this lungs as he took him in a firm grip and lowered him out of the range of the rocks still being thrown from above.

Attalla was leaving a stream of blood in the water. Tt'i hoped the others of his pod saw him capture the ambassador and would come to help. There was no way he could call to them while giving Attalla air. Tt'i was afraid to release his mouth from Attalla's for fear the sky breather would unconsciously breathe in a mouth full of water.

Ne'e and several others of the council came up around him when he reached a safe depth with the ambassador. Ne'e indicated they should take Attalla to the cave where they could get Attalla to dry land. The underground cave had a deep, shear sided pool in it.

They made their way quickly to the cave and lifted Attalla up on the rock ledge. His breathing was shallow, but he was still alive.

Aa'i came up beside Tt'i at the edge of the pool. She took the sea slung and maul weed from her mouth where she had chewed it to a fine pulp. She spread it over the gash on his forehead. The bleeding slowed immediately and stopped within the few minutes that the group hovered waiting to make sure the ambassador was resting comfortably.

De'e broke off a piece of rock moss and put it below Attalla's head. They had done the best their species had to offer. Now it was up to Attalla whether he lived or died.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Star Traveler Update - The Meet

One moment Attalla was sitting on the shore discussing the problem with the oacoco gathered in the shoals, the next he was being bombarded with rocks from the iisadus above.

The pod he flew down in from Ma-rye-a was too far away, back off the beach in a hollow over the ridge. Now regretted not letting 3su come along.

He opted to sprint for the safety of the shoals. In years past he had established trust with the oacoco by subjecting himself to their elements. He had installed diving bells one huge breath’s distance from each other at gradually descending depths.

He shucked off his vest as he ran toward the water’s edge. Attalla’s mind was full of the oacoco screaming at the invading iisadsu. He took a hit to the shoulder with one large rock. It sent him spinning, but he managed to stay on his feet and running forward. He splashed through the shallows headed toward the first submerged glass diving bell. There were a series of domes filled with air, secured to the bottom by long ropes with weights. The first would not be a safe place to stay; it was too close to the surface and could be easily spotted by the iisadsu from the sky. In fact, they were currently aiming some of their stones at the first bell in hopes of thwarting his escape.

He was up to his waist now in the water and moving with difficulty. He took a huge breath and dove for the first dome. He could see it through the clear blue water of the shallows. Attalla hoped that the oacoco had refreshed the air for him since his last visit even though he had not asked since he had had no intention of using them this trip.

Whether they had refreshed it or not made no difference because it exploded with the impact of a heavy rock when he was within a few feet of it. He didn’t have enough breath to make it to the second bell. He propelled himself back to the surface. The iisadsu were waiting.

With mocking cries in their own language they attacked. He was, as they say, a sitting duck. He dodged, but failed to evade the multiple projectiles. Several rocks struck him simultaneously. He didn’t even have time to think about the possibility of drowning. One huge boulder was dropped and he was knocked unconscious. He body slipped slowly beneath the surface.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Punishment clause

Attalla gently messaged his temples. He was able to contact Tt’i and set up a meeting with the oacoco. There was an island off the coast where he could sit on dry land and they could remain comfortably in the water offshore.

Prior to the attack, he originally intended to speak directly with the iisadus. Go to the source of the conflict and correct the problem. However, now there would need to be more than a correction, there needed to be retribution for the slaughter of the oacoco fishing party. The oacoco would settle for nothing less.

What was going to be a relocation treaty would now be a highly negotiated peace treaty with a punishment clause. Not one of his favorite things to do as an ambassador.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Hikat

Hitak, the leader of the iisadsu, sat on a cliff overlooking his men as they feasted on the butoo they had dumped on the beach.

He had taken his portion and moved to the cliff to eat undisturbed. The iisadsu were a very territorial species. They fought over everything, food, females, cliff dwellings – everything.

Now that he was finished he sat with his legs dangling over the edge grooming his wing feathers. The feathers were soiled from the oils and blood of the catch and the battle with the oacoco. He filled his hand with the sandy dirt of the cliff and rubbed it into each pin feather until it was pristine and ready for flight.

He finished up the right wing and had started on the left when his attention was drawn to several of his men fighting over the corpse of an oacoco. His eyesight was exceptional so he had no difficulty seeing the object of their argument – a shell necklace interspersed with bright red stones. He had to have it.

Hikat spread his enormous wings and launched himself off the cliff into a steep dive that took him headlong into the iisadsu holding the necklace. He struck the iisadus full force in the chest as he pulled up to land knocking the other man off his feet. He deftly snapped out his hand and caught hold of the necklace as his opponent fell. It was his as long as he could get off the ground before the others realized the precious object had changed hands.

He flapped his wings together in front of him to keep the other men away. Just because he was their leader didn’t mean he could seize such a prize without a fight, it just meant there would be fewer to challenge him. The fledglings would stand aside and let him have it.

Modar, the one he had taken it from regain his feet quickly and started toward Hikat. The two had fought before over far less than this lovely trinket. Modar picked up a stone from the beach and flung it at his leader. Hikat just barely sidestepped the projectile. He wouldn’t have a problem with Modar if it were just the two of them, but with the other men crowded around, his movements were limited.

The next stone caught him on the right shoulder and he almost dropped the necklace. Instead, he tossed it over his head for safe keeping and struck out with his wing defensively before using his strong legs to propel him up and off the ground into flight.

The third rock whizzed by his head missing it by mean inches. He was home free, or at least he thought so, when all of a sudden the ambassador was in his head demanding an audience. He hated the man. He hate his interference in what the iisadsu leader thought was none of his business. He hated the intrusion in his mind at a time when he wanted to concentrate on keeping his prize and remaining unhurt.

The ambassador was relentless. He wanted to talk now. Now was not a good time for Hikat. He shook his head and did the one thing he knew from experience could rid his mind of the treaty seeker, he started to call his mate in full voice. It made no difference that she was too far away to hear him his thoughts were on her and not open to the ambassador. The intruder’s demands faded as Hikat continued to scream for his mate. Eventually the ambassador grew silent and was gone.

Hikat looked over his shoulder to see that Modar had not followed him. No doubt something else had caught his eye that was more easily obtained. Hikat smiled, he would return home to his mate with his prize and when he was ready he would allow the ambassador back in his head and they would talk on his terms.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Star Traveler Update - After the Terror

Tt’i drifted in his bed of sea moss. Sleep just wouldn’t come to him tonight. His phills floated close by his side occasionally nudging him with its prickly nose and gurgling softly at his touch. The phills had itself anchored to a bit of sea kelp by the moss bed. It curled its sliver and purple striped tail tighter around the kelp as the ebb and flow of the current drifted through. The spines of the tail embedded themselves into the kelp more securely.

Tt’i kept seeing his father dead among the rocks, his uncle impaled by the iisadsu as he struggled toward the surf. He physically ached at the thought of their deaths. He curled up into a sitting position and ran his hands over glowing yellow eyes in a skin made up of neon blue and orange swirls.

If oacoco were human they would appear as highly tattooed beings. The young were bright blue with orange swirls down the length of their bodies finishing as stripes off their fanned tails. As the species aged they grew additional fins at what would have been the shoulder blades of a human. The color of these mimicked the body colors. They also grew long wispy feelers from the sides of their heads that served as additional sensors for the aging oacoco that not only grew extremely large, but also lost a bit of their excellent sight as they grew older. The elder of the species took to sheltering themselves in the cool pools of the rock overhangs along the coastline, hence needing the extra sensors to navigate the shoals. The oacoco were nothing short of vibrant. His species had no need to hide from anything the sea produced. They were the top predator.

Upon Tt’i’s return to the council today he had informed them of the grizzly attack on the oacoco fishing party by the iisadsu. He showed them the event through the pictures he generated in his mind. Connected as one in a tight pod all could see the horror of the event. They were appalled, but were still trying to arrive at a plan of attack when Tt’i’s body urged him to seek refuge and rest.

He curled his long tail up and over him in his sea moss bed. It seemed hopeless. The iisadsu were of the sky, the oacoco of the sea. Unless the oacoco learned how to grow wings, they would never be able to defend themselves against their enemies. It was hopeless. The predator had become the prey.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Drawing HERE!

Hello Readers,
Have the characters in the Farloft Chronicles or the Star Traveler Series inspired you to draw?
I will post your drawings on two new websites I am creating to show off your skills:
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I can’t guarantee that it will be safe from someone copying it. I will remind people that it is private work and not to be copied.
Please submit your Farloft Chronicles drawings to:
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Be inspired.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NEW ! - Star Traveler Volume 5 - "Cataclysm"

Check out the latest volume of the Star Traveler Series - "Cataclysm."

Find the link on this page along with the first four volumes of the series:
"The Helavite War"
"The Heirs of Henu"
"Old Friends/New Enemies"

New posting each week.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Star Traveler Update - By all that is Holy, NO!

“NO!” Attalla shouted as he came bolt upright out of his chair like he had been hit by a malfit prod. “Oh, No,” he ranted as he started to paced the galley floor.

I couldn’t imagine what was going on. Just a moment ago he was sitting with his head in his hands trying to keep it from falling off from the headache he had after being accidentally tranked last night. Now he seemed to be raving against some inner demon. Was he having an allergic reaction to the bran muffin?

“Attalla,” I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder to stop his pacing, “What is it?” I soothed.

He shook off my hand and continued to pace.

“By all that is holy, No! no, no, no..”

He collapsed back into his chair in tears. “Please, stop…”

He was weeping uncontrollably.

I squatted down in front of him and took his head in my hands. I lifted his face up toward me and wiped the hair from his face. His duel colored eyes contained such pain.

“What is it, Attalla? Tell me.”

Chee, who had coward fearfully in her pouch as her master ranted and raved now came out and gently wrapped her tiny body over his shoulder and around his neck in an effort to comfort him.

“It’s the iisadsu. They just killed an oacoco fishing party. Ea’k, my contact, was among them.”

I wiped the tears off his cheek with my thumb. “You’re telepathic,” I said matter-of-factly.

He nodded. “I don’t really need the translator,” he confessed.

“Your abilities must be very strong to sense something on the planet’s surface from here,” I said in admiration.

“I have to be close to the person to get this kind of range,” he said and then let out an exhausted sigh.

He must have known Ea’k for years. He must have been a close friend. And, he had just felt him die.

“I’m sorry.” It was such a small thing to say compared to what he had just gone through, but it was what came out.

Attalla stood up and straightened his vest. “I need to go to my cabin and see if I can link up with someone from the oacoco council. Ea’k has a son. If he was not killed, perhaps I can contact him.”

“Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” I squeezed his arm.

“Don’t be angry with me,” Attalla said.

“Why would I be angry?” I asked in true confusion.

“I kept my powers from you. I wanted our relationship to be as normal as possible. I can’t help what I am. I try to stay out of the heads of the people I am around as much as possible, but it isn’t easy. That’s why sex is so stimulating for our race, we not only have our own feelings, but we can hear how excited our partner is and it whips us into a frenzy,” he explained.

“You’re welcome in my head anytime, but I warn you, you might be very shocked by what you find there,” I said. I hadn’t been around many telepaths, but I had heard that some could read your entire mind, but some could only hear what you thought about. If he was reading my mind during my nightmares he had certainly covered that ability when he asked what upset me.

“I haven’t gotten close enough to you to know your secrets, 3su,” he said as he looked down into my eyes. “I will do my best to wait for you to tell me those.” He gave me a quick hug and a dimpled smile. He scooped Chee’s pouch off the table, hung it on his belt and dropped her gently into it. “I have to go.” He leaned down and kissed me. “We’ll talk more later.”

I ran my hand through the hair on his chest, “Go do your ambassador thing and let me know if I can help.”

He kissed me again, this time with a lot more passion. I felt it to my toes. I was going to have to find a way to help.

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