Sunday, October 30, 2011

Star Traveler Update - issadsu problem

Attalla sat at the table in the mess with his head in his hands. When I placed the cup of tea in front of him he flinched at the sound.

“Sorry,” I said. He had already told me that his head felt like a cracked egg this morning after being tranked last night.

Chee lay curled in her pouch on the table. She came out and approached Attalla for a pet or a bit of breakfast.

He pointed to her pouch without even looking up. “No, Chee. Pouch.”

The little mahserg turned around and returned to her pouch. I took pity on her and slipped her a grape.

“How much tranquilizer did Sam have in that dart?” he asked into his hands.

“He loads them according to weight,” I answered plaintively.

“Just for the record, Sam, I weigh two hundred pounds, not five,” Attalla announced to the ceiling.

“Duly noted,” Sam responded.

Attalla lifted his cup and took a sip of his tea.

“Can I get you anything else?” I asked. I felt terrible about what had happened last night. Not only was it rude, it had been a terribly disappointing ending to what could have been an incredible evening.

“No thanks,” he replied. “As soon as I get through this and can see without squinting my eyes I have to reschedule the meeting with the iisadsu and the Oacoco.

I thought it might be best to try and get past last night to concentrate on something else for a while.

“What does their treaty consist of, or can you talk about it?” I asked.

Attalla seemed to forget his headache and immediately shifted into ambassador mode.

“The iisadsu and the Oacoco are the two sentient beings on the planet. They both depend on the bounty of their ocean for their sustenance. The iisadsu fish by dipping nets into the sea while in flight. The Oacoco live in the ocean and fish with spears, a lot less efficient.” Attalla paused to take another sip of his tea. He reached out and stroked Chee on the head in apology for the earlier order to remove herself from his presence.

“The iisadsu used to be a monogamous species – this kept the population in check. In the last few years something affected the balance of the species and far more female children were born then in any known recorded time. This development led the males of the species to alter their behavior and turn to polygamy, in turn, the population exploded. They began to over fish the ocean and fight with the Oacoco when they encountered them at sea. Luckily no one has been killed yet.”

“How do you know all this?” I asked. I couldn’t imagine the iisadsu or the Oacoco having the means to report treaty violations to Attalla’s people.

“We have our ways. Every planet in our solar system is monitored in some way, electronically or with counselors usually.”

He got up and went to the prep unit. “Muffin, bran, warm,” he ordered. Moby popped out a muffin in record time. I think my crew members were all feeling guilty for the treatment the ambassador received from their shipmate.

“Thanks, Moby,” Attalla said.

“My pleasure,” Moby said.

“So you are negotiating a treaty between the iisadsu and the Oacoco?” I asked.

“No, I am here to negotiate a treaty with the iisadsu that will move some of them to another planet in the system and put a limit on their reproduction here on this planet so they don't encroach on the Oacoco.”

“You can do that?” I asked in disbelief. I didn’t think anyone had the authority to limit another species procreation, but then I knew nothing about negotiation.

“I can try,” Attalla said.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Council Business

The iisadsu officials saw the pod containing Ambassador Attalla return to the transport vessel. They received a message via subspace communication from the ambassador stating that he had been delayed and would contact them shortly to reschedule the treaty meeting.

The Council Flock held their breath hoping that Ambassador Attalla did not suspect anything. It would be murder most foul. Everyone would see the need to eliminate the Oacoco. It was as close to a perfect plan as they could devise.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Bliss

Attalla took Chee out of her pouch and placed her in her basket on the dresser in his room.

He took my hand and pulled me down beside him on his bed.

How had we ended up here? My mind was a fog. After he calmed me down aboard the pod he took over the controls and maneuvered us through the flying beasts of my nightmare back to the safety of Ma-rye-a.

When we landed in the pod bay he took my hand and led me here. I’m not one to sleep around. I talk big, but really it’s all show for the guys. I am a novice compared to most of the females in my line of work. Maybe I’m choosey. Maybe I’m shy. Maybe I just haven’t been asked as much as the next gal. I don’t know. What I do know is I definitely am inexperienced. I don’t know what’s expected and I ‘totally’ don’t know how to get from Point A to Point B without a guide.

Attalla was kissing my neck and nibbling my earlobe. Nice, very nice. It wasn’t too long before buckles started to be undone and zippers began to slide. I thought I was holding up my end pretty well. My hand was buried in his chest hair when he pulled back and out of my grasp.

“I need to get something,” he said as he slid off the bed.

He went to the dresser drawers and removed a silver box. He returned to the bed and opened it for me to see. Inside the velvet lined box was a black blindfold and an ornate silver cuff with a chain attached to it. On the opposite end of the chain from the cuff was a heavy clasp. I could possibly be teased and coaxed into the blindfold, but there was no way I was letting anyone cuff me.

Attalla must have seen the doubt in my eyes because he immediately said, “not for you, for me,” he explained. “My species can get a bit rough when aroused.” He leaned over me to reach the head of the bed and clipped the clasp at the end of the chain to it. Then he installed the cuff around his own left wrist.

“One handed and blindfolded will slow me down enough you can get away if I get lost in the moment.” He gave me one of those dimpled grins of his and started to put on the blindfold.

I caught at his hand and took it away. “I love your eyes. I don’t want them covered.”

“It’s not safe,” he warned. “My species is very visual. It won’t be possible for me to stay in control.”

“Ah, but I have my own failsafe,” I announced. “When I built this room I took into consideration that I might get into something I couldn’t handle in a passenger. Of course, at the time I was thinking in terms of undetected felons or murderers. The room is equipped with four trank guns.” I pointed to the corners of the room. “Sam has them loaded and trained on the occupant at all times. It is part of his security sub-routine.”

“Sam?” Attalla called.

“Yes, Attalla,” Sam responded.

“Are you monitoring this room?”

“At all times,” Sam confirmed.

“Great,” Attalla said in an exasperated tone. He flopped down on his back. “That’s one way to kill the mood – an audience.”

I gently ran my hand through the hair on his chest. It was like petting a cat. “Sam doesn’t watch. We have a code if I feel I need assistance,” I explained as I leaned over him and nipped at his chin. I think I was getting the hang of this.

He reached up and pulled me down into a hug. He rolled me in his arms until I was on the bottom and he was straddling me from above. He leaned down and took my lips in a warm, sensual kiss. I could feel my toes curl.

“What is your secret signal? If Sam’s not watching then he’s listening. What if I stop your call with a kiss,” he asked when he came up for air.

“It’s not a word. It’s more like a series of sounds,” I explained.

Attalla picked up my hand off his chest and nibbled at my fingers. I melted. His tongue teased between the fingers. I shivered. He sucked. The breath caught in my throat. I coughed. He bit. I squealed.

The next thing I knew Attalla was dead weight on top of me with a trank dart in his shoulder.

“Are you all right,” Sam asked in a concerned tone.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just fine,” I said in disappointment.

I rolled Attalla off of me, got up and covered his now tranquilized, sleeping form up with a blanket.



“We’re going to have to work on the signal recognition part of your room security program.”

“As you wish, Cap.”

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Star Traveler Update - I can't do this!

“I can’t do this,” I said pulling back on the controls of the pod.

“It’s okay,” Attalla soothed. “They’ll get out of your way. Just make a slow descent so they have time.”

The iiadtsu filled the sky. Even though Gathus hadn’t been a fully fledged iiadtsu the sight of all these winged beings brought on horrible memories. Klaid, Gathus, Cracker, and everything that road on their contrail dumped into my brain. My hands were literally trembling.

I thought I could handle this. I thought there would be such a difference between Gathus and his base species that I hadn’t even told Attalla about my issues with the iiadtsu when he announced we were headed there next. I had no idea when I took the job that the iiadtsu were from this system.

I rose up above the atmosphere to clear space free of my nightmare winged creatures. I popped the release on my shoulder harness and belt. I sprang to me feet and paced the tiny bridge of the pod. Four steps took me from one side to the other. If there had been a place to run, I would have. I forced myself to breathe deeply and calm my shaking hands. The only thing worse than seeing the iiadtsu would have been another close encounter with a Xyron.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I really thought I could do this.” I ran my shaking hands through me hair. I had broken out in a cold sweat upon seeing the iiadtsu. My hair was damp around my face and on the back of my neck.

Attalla got up from his own chair. He moved toward me, I think to comfort me like he had after my nightmare onboard ship, but I couldn’t stand still and I certainly didn’t want to be confined in someone’s arms. I stepped away from him.

“Talk to me,” Attalla prompted. “It has to do with the nightmares, right?”

He was pretty observant putting the two together.

I took another deep breath and plunged in before I changed my mind. “About two months ago I was taken prisoner by three reject hybrids from something called the OmniCron Project. One was an iiadtsu mix. He couldn’t fly, but he was partially fledged. I had no idea their planet would be one of our stops. I thought I could handle it. I’m so sorry.” I hated failing a mission.

He brushed my apology aside. “What did they do to you 3su?” he asked in a sympathetic tone, as he stepped up to me and touched my arm.

I didn’t want to pull away this time. I was past the shakes. The adrenalin was crashing. I wanted to be comforted. I wanted to be held until the memories faded again.

I was shaking so hard he sat down and pulled me into his lap. He held me close gently rocking.

“Are the scars on your back from them?” he asked.

I thought he caught a glimpse of them when I was working out, but I hadn’t been sure until now. He was polite enough not to mention them at the time. Even though Jake was religious about applying the scar cream, I would carry the worse bits to my grave. The ones on my back would never truly fade away.

I couldn’t meet Attalla’s gaze. I spoke into his shoulder. “Their leader was a hybrid Xyron. He decided he liked how I tasted. He carved on me for a few days before help arrived.”

I heard Attalla catch his breath. He gently smoothed my hair and when I looked up his beautiful phenotypic eyes had a mixture of pain and sympathy in them.

“I am so sorry,” he said. “You should have told me. I never would have made you come down here. I can fly a pod, you know.”

“Yes, but it is my job to get your to and from your meetings during this mission. That is what I hired on for.”

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Star Traveler Update - The Rahic

The Rahic are small and dark green. The closest thing I can associate their looks to for you to imagine them is a four foot tall aphid. They scurry around on all fours, but stand on their hind legs to converse. They don’t actually sit, they squat on the rear legs as well. Their eyes are opalescent and seem to swirl as they concentrate on Attalla and his information about the treaty renewal.

I personally cannot tell one from the other, but somehow he does. He’s brought some kind of translator with him. They speak at such a low volume that I cannot hear, as much as I feel, their conversation. There is a deep resonance to their voices like the malfits back home that can be heard for miles.

The tunnels are close quarters for someone as tall as I am. That means Attalla has to almost bend double in order to maneuver them. The Rahic, dusted in yellow pollen as Attalla described, maneuver through the tendrils in such large numbers that their bodies rub the sides of the tunnels pollinating the plant.

I was asked to join them in their negotiations, though Attalla told me it was not so much negotiations with the Rahic as a courtesy call. Their part of the treaty remains the same year after year. It was created to protect the Rahic from any outside interference. Attalla’s people use the acquisition of the Tokkzic to keep the other planets from bothering the Rahic. In turn, his people sell the Tokkzic in order to provide funds for the manufacturing of the packaging for the liqueur. The liqueur is sold for just the packaging and transport costs. It is highly sought after due to its rarity, flavor and intoxication factors.

It was with a cup of the Tokkzic that Attalla and the Rahic sealed the signing of the treaty. I was asked to embed with them.

You have heard the expression, ‘the nectar of the Gods?’ Well, let us just say that whoever wrote that phrase had to be speaking of Tokkzic. It is a sparkling emerald green color with bubbles of gold laced through it. A mere thimble full was intoxicating. Even before it reached my lips the fragrance was overwhelming. Attalla said it smells like a mixture of spices his mother used in her cookies. To me it smells like coconut with a hint of vanilla. He told me it is part of the allure of it, it smells differently for everyone. Yet when I tasted it, it didn’t taste like coconut or vanilla. In fact, I can’t compare it to anything else I have ever drunk. I just know I savored every drop and would have licked the cup had it not been terribly uncouth.

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