Friday, July 21, 2017

Threat of the Fire Demon

My apologies if you have been reading "Threat of the Fire Demon."

I pulled it off , buffed it up, and now it is "Shifting for Better or Worse," soon available on all purchasing platforms for presale until September 30th for $1.50.

I will put the links up as soon as they are live.

Available today on Amazon and Smashwords. Coming soon to Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBook.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Eight

Ky heard the mournful cry of Vita and the three yearling black wolves as soon as he entered the gate. He answered and followed their howling. They all converged in the meadow. The young blacks huddled around him, rubbing and nuzzling him for the sense of comfort and security his older wolf-self gave them.

Their minds were full of random images. Men in black with weapons. Small arrows and both Jak and Nila being tied and muzzled.

Ky broke away from the youngsters and went to Vita. She was older and was distraught, but calmer. Her mind was torn between the desire to keep tracking Jak and Nila or to return to the den and Nila’s pups. Ky learned from her which direction the men took the alpha pair. He was not surprised to find it was toward the professor’s gate. He licked Vita’s muzzle and whined to tell her he would take care of tracking them. She should take the three blacks and go back to the den.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Seven

Ky was restless the remainder of the week. He couldn’t decide what to do about the incident in Nayenezghani’s region. The god didn’t just show up when you called him. Reporting it to the natives in the area did not seem the right action and reporting it to Raven was definitely the wrong thing to do. So, Ky did nothing but worry.

He lie in bed at the hostel and tried to reason it out. The man must have built the goggles and therefore, the obvious thought was he could build another set. If he built them again, what would the professor do? Come back to investigate further? Maybe the region would be lucky and a bear would eat him. Maybe he wouldn’t come back… They had the Laurel to thank for that. He might be too scared to try again.

By the time Ky reached the end of his work week the only real conclusion he had come to was that he was sure he needed to visit the Land of Nayenezghani to see if Professor Nathaniel Clayborne had returned to The Realms.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Six

Ky stumbled several feet into the room. When he turned around the only thing he saw was the professor and a blank wall. He pushed Nat to one side and started examining the wall. He knocked on it and then pounded. “Where is it? How do you access the gate from this side?” He turned with a frantic look to Nat. “It can’t be a one way gate, you came through it.”

“Please,” the professor reached out a hand to calm the young man, but he jerked away. “I just need some answers and then I will show you the way back.”

Ky almost growled, “Show me the gate?”

Nat took a deep breath. He removed the goggles and laid them on the workbench then settled onto a stool. “No. I need to know what I have stumbled into and you are going to tell me.” This was his chance to save his program, but even more importantly, it was a chance to be on the cutting edge of discovery, if he only knew what he had discovered.

Friday, June 23, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Five

Ky heard a bear roar followed closely by a panicked human scream of terror.

He sprung to his feet and dashed toward the sound, bounding over fallen trees and the fern beds below them. He leaped across a stream and came around a clump of blackberry bushes to find a man just barely hanging from a tree limb above the head of a highly disturbed bear.

The mother bear had obviously been grazing with her two cubs when the man must have stumbled on her. He was lucky he made it up the tree and even luckier that Ky showed up. The bear was pushing the tree, causing it to violently sway. It was on the verge of toppling.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Four

Nat came to the end of his ball of twine. He was at the edge of a forest, which obscured his view of what he thought might be the Pipe Stones. He sat down on a log and wished he had brought yet another ball of twine. This was the end of the second. He pulled the bottle of water out of his lab coat pocket and took a long draw. He would have to go back and be better prepared the next time. He had not seen any sighs of humans in the area. He did hear wolf calls earlier, but it seemed far away. He saw birds and at one point, thought he saw deer off in the distance, but his long-range vision was not very good. Next time he would also bring a pair of binoculars, or perhaps add that feature to the googles, after all, it was the second time he wished he had them.

He marveled at the vegetation around him. The forest was dense and looked very old even to his untrained eye. No one had ever logged this – perhaps never walked through it. He was starting to convince himself more and more that he had discovered some sort of parallel world. He would have taken samples of flora, but it all appeared so normal. He spotted oaks, pines, some birch and the undergrowth consisted of recognizable ferns, mosses and toadstools.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

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