Monday, September 18, 2017

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Fur and Frost - A Dragon Love Story

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Seventeen

Things got better for Ky. Time spent with the Professor dwindled, which was fine with him. Weeks progressed into months as he was given more and more freedom of movement and better living conditions. He was moved into the barracks area where Riley and the rest of his team lived when they were on site for their shifts. His door was locked, but only at night. He was allowed to roam the base and even go outside. For outside privileges, he was required to be accompanied by Riley, or one of the other members of the group who originally captured him. They all came and went depending on their duties. When they were around they spent time with Ky and he began to think of them as friends.

Younce was not only a great shot, but he was also good at hand-to-hand combat. When he found out Ky could turn into something resembling Durga, the Hindu Warrior Goddess, he reveled in regularly trying his combat skills on the ten armed warrior. The man was tall and muscled and Ky, though he could change into the warrior, he was not trained in any way. Younce started to show him how to survive in a fight. After several months of hand-to-hand combat training with the sharp shooter, he knew they would never put that collar on him again.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Sixteen

Riley had pushed the control on the glass between him and Ky to make it opaque before the kid had a chance to see him. He wanted the opportunity to see Ky before he entered the room.

He was shocked by the state of the cell. There was blood and what looked like huge claw marks, down the concrete walls. The ceiling fixture was hanging by a cord. There were cracks in the ceiling as well as the walls. The table and chair, even though they were metal, lay in twisted pieces against one wall, along with what looked like the frame for the bunk.

Ky lay in a fetal position on the remains of the shredded mattress on the floor, his back toward the glass. He couldn’t see his arm, but there was a bandage that completely encircled his torso from armpit to waist and went up over one shoulder.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Fifteen

“I can’t do it here,” Ky repeated himself. He was restless all night and came up with this idea. If they wanted to see a dragon, they had to take him outside. After the brief glimpse he got on the way to his current prison cell, he found himself almost claustrophobic underground. Being able to shift helped some, but he needed to have fresh air and sunlight. He made the decision not to give in no matter what.

“Can’t you imagine a smaller dragon?” Riley asked.

Ky was using the excuse that his dragon-self was too big for the cell.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Fourteen

Nat and Riley stood on the other side of the glass that overlooked the cell where Ky was eating his lunch.

“I think you should deactivate the collar from here,” the Professor advised. “We have no idea whether what he says he can do is true or not, but in any case, if he is telling the truth do you really want to be in there with whatever he chooses to morph into?”

“It’s important to establish trust, Doc.”

Riley looked at the boy in the cell. He couldn’t be more than sixteen or seventeen. He hadn’t even started to grow facial hair. The last few nights the K-9 officer had laid awake at his wife’s side and tried to put himself in the kid’s place. The boy was not a whimp, and he certainly didn’t want to underestimate him in any way, but he also felt, as he told the General, Ky was good at heart.

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