Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Nine

Farloft sat on a rock outcrop he had cleared of snow and heated with dragon fire. “To your left.” He waved a wing at Snow.

The gryphon was hard at work, out on the snowfield before the large green dragon, who was leisurely laying on his rock in the sun. Snow was hunting midgins tunneling beneath his feet. “I can hear them, Dinosaur Brain,” he retorted in a sarcastic tone.

“Well, you’re not acting like it, Snowdrift.” Farloft cocked his head. “You let that one get away.”

Snow’s tail switched in agitation. “You know, you could come out here and hunt them yourself.”

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Eight

Anna struggled, but she was no match for the two brutes who grabbed her and were dragging her through the mud further and further away from the tent where she last saw Adrian. She was getting all turned around. She was going to lose track of the bard. This side of the gorge was so full of people. She could hardly breathe.

She desperately wanted to turn into her dragon-self and just fly back home, but after the incident when she was younger, she couldn't. She promised her mother and father she would never morph into her dragon form in front of anyone who didn’t already know her secret of being a shifter. That severely limited her. She could only change before her immediate family, Farloft, Clearair and James, and her extended family of Theresa, Sarah, Adrian, and Queen Larkin. She certainly could not change in this overcrowded clump of humanity, no matter how desperate she was.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Seven

Back in Kerth, the fall weather was providing the kingdom with a brief respite from the rain. Sarah sat on a bench in the castle’s orchard waiting for the arrival of Adrian. He was late. She could only linger a bit longer before she would have to return to her assigned duties preparing for the battle to come.

She held her face up to the gentle fall sun. It was warm, but not the overpowering heat of summer. So many things troubled her mind. Not only the war that was soon to come, but also her increasing feelings toward Adrian. She knew his reputation. Every woman from puberty to old age, in the many hamlets, villages and towns of the kingdom, were in love with the traveling bard. He turned women’s heads and made grown men jealous of his magnetism. He was charismatic. His deep brown eyes in a darkly tanned face, surrounded with a mane of black hair, were not easy to resist and he knew it.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Six

“I grabbed at him, but I missed!” Farloft shook his head in dismay.

All the dragons in the hall were hanging on every word of his tale of the Zonguldak Ruby and the fate of James. Not a word was said. Not a single wing rustled.

“He plummeted faster and faster toward the ground. He was going to die… crushed on the rocks below.” Farloft let out a big sigh and hung his head. He could feel the anticipation of his audience. Unlike the folks at home who knew that James made it through this ordeal safely, this gathering thought the story might have a sad ending. The tale of the ruby has not been hopeful thus far.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Five

Snow turned from side to side in front of the full length looking glass the humans brought in at his request, when they asked if there was anything he needed. “How do I look?”

“For the umpteenth time, you look fine,” Farloft huffed. “You spent the last two hours preening. How else would you look?”

“Well, I would hope better than fine.” Snow went back to working on the plumage of his right wing. “We are meeting royalty, after all.” He pulled at a stubborn pin feather losing the quill. When he looked up Farloft was gazing at himself in the mirror. “You could use a bit of a tidying up, Big Green.” He stepped forward. “Here let me help.” His head shot forward. He grasped a loose scale on Farloft’s back and plucked it off with his beak.

“Hey!” Farloft growled. “That was not ready to fall off just yet, Nitpicker.”

Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Four

Farloft sat on his haunches patting his paw impatiently on the floor. “If you take much longer packing I will have wasted the week I made by ‘jumping’ here, Snowflake.”

Snow squinted his eyes at the old dragon. That had been a pretty good 'name shot.' He would have to think up a good one in response. He tossed his fire making tools of flint and iron into the tubular pack he inherited from his Grandfather Storm. “You can’t expect me to just take off without the proper supplies.” He ruffled his feathers. “You’re the one who said you thought we could be traveling for up to six months. Or have you forgotten, Dinosaur Brain?” He grabbed two large furs off his sleeping platform and began to roll them up. “What happens if we get separated? Unlike you, I am not a walking torch. I need fire-starter and a few comforts from home.”

“You keep this up and you won’t be able to get off the ground with that load.” Farloft waved a paw at the pile the gryphon was creating in the middle of the floor. “And I, for one, do not intend to help you carry it.”

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Three

The next morning the younglings came again to bid him farewell. Clearair stood back. They had already said all they had to say last night. Farloft decided to make this an exciting exit and something the younglings could learn from.

He was going to ‘jump’ to his first destination. He had the idea last night that he really didn’t want to go on this mission by himself. He thought he knew just the one who would be smart enough, skilled enough, and lend an additional aspect to his search for help. He was going to go see if the grandson of his old friend, Storm, would join him.

The gryphons were shorter lived then the dragons by almost a third, but they were more than a match for the task. Sleek, fast and quick witted. Snow had inherited many of his grandfather’s abilities including his talent to manipulate the weather, his sharp tongue, and the habit he picked up concerning playful name calling. Farloft ruffled his wings. He would enjoy the wit of the gryphon’s company.

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