Saturday, November 18, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Twenty-Six

Stone leaned over Ky. He was going to have to remove the stitches. Normally, the stitches would just be left to dissolve, but the kid was healing so fast that they were going to get trapped. It would be better to remove them. He reached for the forceps and scissors on the tray.

“How is he?” Riley asked from his place in the chair by Ky’s bed. The man hadn’t left the kid's side since they returned from the mission.

“He’s doing fine.” Stone clipped the first stitch.

“Then why doesn’t he wake up?”

Saturday, November 11, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Twenty-Five

Younce didn’t hear Ky sail in behind him. He just felt the roof lurch when the huge dragon landed.

“Come on,” Ky ordered.

The sniper turned to find himself face to face with an incredibly intimidating red and black dragon. It towered over him. It must have been fifteen feet tall and in spite of the voice being several octaves lower, he could tell it was Ky.

“Damn! That is impressive Ky. And you can talk.”

“Yes, but there isn’t time for it now. We need to get the rest of the guys out. Can you keep your seat and shoot from by back?” Ky asked.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Twenty-Four

It was a long plane ride. Luckily, Mallory had gone ahead of the group so once the team was aboard, Ky could change back to his human form and relax until they landed. Mostly, everyone slept. Riley told him there was no telling when they would get a chance to again.

Ky was both excited and frightened. He and Riley talked a lot about what was expected of him and what he might be requested to do. They were depending on him for his heightened senses. They hoped he could warn them of danger as they infiltrated the building and moved up to the third floor where Slattery was being held.

Riley wanted him to wear a K-9 flak vest, but Ky explained he didn’t have control over it and if he wanted to change into something larger, then it would slow him down. It might even constrict him. The man argued that he didn’t want him going in unprotected. Eventually, after a demonstration of Ky’s struggling to shift in the vest and eventually ripping it to shreds as he morphed into a Morlock Demon (who Ky told him could smell better than a K-9), Riley gave in.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Twenty-Three

Prus meet them in the parking lot. He was just getting out of his car. “What’s up?”

“I have no idea,” Riley answered. “Just an Urgent text.”

“Me too.” Prus nodded at Ky. “Did you have a good time on your field trip?”

Ky shouldered his backpack with what remained of the goodies Riley bought him. “Yeah, Mary’s nice. Charlie’s at the grabbing stage.” He ran a hand through his hair.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Twenty-Two

Mary reached in through the back window to scratch Ky’s ear. “You be a good boy and take care of Thomas for me.”

Ky thumped his tail against the seat back. The last four days had been great. Mary really warmed up to him. She even put Charlie down on the floor for him to play with yesterday. They played a bit, but mostly the baby tore out fists full of his fur and then napped with Ky lying beside him.

Mary moved forward to give Riley a smooch through the driver’s window, then leaned Charlie down for a kiss good-bye. “Keep in touch.”

Saturday, October 14, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Twenty-one

The next morning, Ky went charging past Riley, and down the stairs, the minute he opened the guest room door.

The man cursed under his breath and hurried to catch up. This was all he needed, for Mary to see a wolf running through the house, totally out of control. He heard Mary yelp in surprise from the kitchen before his feet hit the bottom landing.

What was the kid thinking?

He rounded the corner into the dining room to find Ky sitting at the door of the kitchen to the backyard. Mary was standing with her back to the stove and a pancake turner in her hand as if she was thinking of defending herself.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Twenty

Riley chopped up the round steak and put it on the platter, then placed the platter on the floor. Mary was waiting dinner at the table for him. Charlie had been put to bed an hour ago. The man knew the kid would be starving after holding his form all evening, but Ky didn’t move toward the food. When Riley raised an eyebrow at him, Ky looked from the food to Mary – who was watching carefully – and back to the food.

Ky was thinking ahead. Let Mary know he was not going to do anything until ordered. All evening he had sat in the spot by the recliner. Mary parked her and Charlie on the far end of the couch and though Ky could tell by the smell of the chair that it was Riley’s normal seat, the man had set down by Mary to comfort her.

Riley finally caught on. “Okay,” he intoned. “Eat up.”

Ky dug in and Riley joined his wife at the table. He placed a reassuring hand on Mary’s.

“See, he wouldn’t even eat until I gave him permission.”

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